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Year 7

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Games and Quizzes

Games from

(Fling the teacher, Penalty Shootout, Walk the Plank, Hoopshoot etc)

On Target, perfect to present tenses
(The JD Challenge)

On Target, Prepositions and cases

Grade or No Grade, Prepositions and cases  

Teacher Invaders,
Years 7 & 8

Teacher Invaders: CE Level 1 verb tenses

Teacher Invaders: Infinitives

Teacher Invaders: Latin Commands

"Fling the teacher" cases and meanings

"Fling the teacher"
CE Nouns

Fling the Teacher: parts of speech

Grade or no Grade: CE Level 1 noun declensions

Grade or No Grade, Comparison of Adjectives

Disce Vocab 5
(good revision)!

Hoopshoot: CE Level 1 noun declensions

Hoopshoot: Personal Pronouns

Penalty Shootout
CE Nouns

Penalty Shootout, Personal Pronouns

Walk the Plank
Disce Vocab 4
(good revision)!

Walk the Plank: parts of speech

Other games

"Dressed to kill!"
(gladiator game)

CE wordlist, Level 1: vocab testers

CE wordlist, Level 2: vocab testers

"Half a Min"
(Countdown style game)
Random CE Verbs


Cambridge Latin vocab tester:
Book I

cases and meanings game

Present tense Battleships game

1st & 2nd declension noun endings
Challenge board game

"bellum" game

Who wants to be a Millionaire, CE Level 2 Vocab

Who wants to be a Millionaire, Minimus II, Vocabs 1-3

Dungeon Pedia, CE Level 2 Vocab

Dragon's Lair, Minimus II, Vocabs 1-3

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Common Entrance Vocab list, Level 1

Common Entrance Vocab list, Level 2


How well do you know your vocab? Print off a self test booklet below and find out!

Level 1

Level 2


Grammar notes booklet, Level 1

Grammar notes booklet, Level 2


Greek Myths booklet