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Year 6

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Games and Quizzes

Games from

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Penalty Shootout, CE Vocab, Level 1, part 1

Penalty Shootout, CE Vocab, Level 1, part 2

Walk the Plank, CE Vocab Level 1, part 1

Teacher invaders, CE Vocab, Level 1, (Tricky words!)

On Target, perfect to present tenses

On Target, Prepositions and cases

Grade or No Grade, Prepositions and cases  

Teacher Invaders, Years 5 & 6

Teacher Invaders: CE Level 1 verb tenses

Fling the Teacher
Minimus II Vocabs 1 & 2

Fling the Teacher: parts of speech

Hoopshoot: CE Level 1 noun declensions

Grade or no Grade: CE Level 1 noun declensions

Walk the Plank: parts of speech

"Fling the teacher" cases and meanings

Other games

cases and meanings game

CE wordlist, Level 1: vocab testers
(matching, flashcards, concentration, wordsearch)

Cambridge Latin vocab tester:
Book I

Present tense Battleships game

Who wants to be a Millionaire, Minimus II, Vocabs 1-3

Dragon's Lair, Minimus II, Vocabs 1-3

Annoying words quiz

3rd Declension quiz

Verb tenses timed quiz

Verb tenses-Battleships game

Verbs-Challenge board

Vital Sheets

Sheets you can't afford to be without this year!

Common Entrance Vocab list, Level 1

Useful links

Cambridge Latin website

Cambridge Latin vocab tester