Year 4 Latin Online Learning, Summer Term 2010

1. Greek myths

1. Draw a title page for “the Odyssey “which will be our next topic in class in a few weeks’ time.

2. When you have finished it I will stick it into your Latin book so make sure your keep it neat and safe.

If you are not sure of the story please do some internet research about Odysseus first. You can use this website to help you: (look under “heroes”).

2. Lullingstone Roman Villa

We will be visiting Lullingstone Roman Villa next Tuesday afternoon, 27th April.

Do some internet research about the villa and write 10 sentences about it. Write down some things you could look out for during our visit. You can type it and email it to me when you have finished it:

3. Greek myth games

You might like to try out some of the Greek myth games on these websites:

Woodlands Junior School Ancient Greece games

See you soon!

Mrs Cooper